SHARGET NG Platform Features

SHARGET is a convenient software platform on which our clients can implement their marketplace or other digital platform. You can spend months developing your own, or get a ready-made solution in a couple of weeks.

What sets us apart from others is the ability to flexibly configure any platform parameters: instead of developing everything from scratch, you can customize and configure the platform specifically for you.

SHARGET NG, as a construction set, consists of a large number of “bricks”. Here we will tell you more about their capabilities.

Main Platform Components

Announcements Catalogs

Different announcement types

Users Catalog

Profiles and Roles

Business Process Engine

Messaging Subsystem

Additional Components

In addition to the main components, the platform has many other modules and additional features.

User Profile and Account

Editing Profile and User settings

Sign-up, Authorisation and Authentication

Shopping Cart and Checkout

Announcement Settings

Recommendations Subsystem

CMS for Static Pages

Design Customization

Help Subsystem

Admin Console

Privacy and Secutiry


Google Analytics

Adaptive Design and Mobile Support

Cutting-Edge LAMP architecture

Want to learn more about the platform's capabilities?

We will be happy to tell you about the platform and answer all technical and product questions. Leave your contacts and we will contact you.